Sympatex- Technical Partner

Founded and engineered in Germany, Sympatex is a global leader in producing lean and mean technical membranes that cut through extreme temperature and retain normal body temperature easily. These ultra thin membranes retain breathability & flexibility that make for a comfortable experience in tough scenarios.

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Himalayan Series

Designed in collaboration with global high altitude climbers, this series blocks extreme cold temperatures ranging from -30°C to -60°C, keeping the body warm. These light weight textiles consist of down insulations which trap the body heat well and make way for body sweat to evaporate.

Key Features
  • -30°C to -60°C
  • Light Weight
  • 100% Insulation & Breathability
  • Easily Portable

Product Range

  • Full Body Suit
  • Himalayan 1200
  • Down Jacket
  • Rak Down Pants
  • Full Body Suit 2
  • Down Mitts
Antarctica Series

A range of Superfine High Thermal or SOFTIE Insulators, the series imitates natural down insulation that is fit to beat cold temperatures ranging from -5°C to -30°C. The gears are soft and durable and have fillings of various insulating fibers that come with different crimp system.

Key Features
  • Featherlike Weight
  • 100% Insulation Even When Wet
  • Retains Shap
  • Best Alternative to the Himalayan Series

Product Range

  • Snugpak Sleeping Bags
  • Snugpak Jackets
  • Snugpak Pants
Modular Glove System

Veritaz offers a glove system of three- the Inner glove, Stretch glove and the Winter glove- whose combinations protect against various temperatures from temperate to -50°C. The gloves are thin synthetic insulators or thinsulators that prove to be the ultimate protectors against frost bites.

Key Features
  • Stops Frost Bites
  • Temperate to -50°C
  • 100% Water & Wind Proof
  • 100% Breathable

Product Range

  • Modular Glove System

Cradle your feet while you scale treacherous terrains in these lightweight and waterproof boots that beat freezing temperatures.

Product Range

  • Extreme Combat Boots
  • Combat Boots
Quick Draws

Get ready to experience a hassle free climb as Veritaz presents cutting-edge Antitwist Quick Draws. These draws come with the best handling as the lower karabiner keeps in place at all times.

Key Features
  • Polyamide Sling with Antitwist Technology
  • Easy Handling
  • Lower Karabiner Stays Put

Product Range

Yaktrax Pro

A power mix of natural rubber and steel coil, the Yaktrax Pro are an anti abrasive technology that grip slick surfaces for easy walking, running or jogging. Ultra light and spikeless these yaktrax can be worn in temperatures as low as -40°C.

Key Features
  • High Strength
  • Ultra light & Abrasion Resistant
  • 360° Traction
  • For Temperatures down to - 40°C

Product Range

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