Camouflage Gear

Tried and tested concealment gears, these textiles are perfectly mask army personnel, army vehicles and snipers from offenders and weather conditions of the Jungle, Mountains or Arctic.

Key Features
  • Trustworthy Textiles
  • Extreme Flexible & Functionality
  • Perfect Camouflage
  • Woodlands, Mountains and Extreme Cold

Product Range

  • Ghillie Suits
  • MSCN Sniper Suits for Woodland and Mountain
  • Camouflage Nets
  • MSC Nets to Camouflage Vehicles
  • LLC Suits
Mosquitoes and Insect Repellant Gear

Veritaz has the optimum solution for killer mosquitoes and insects that buzz in huge numbers while soldiers patrol in swamps and jungles. The protective clothing comes with an added layer of protection that repels these small buggers and kills pathogens and microbes in five minutes.

Key Features
  • Full Body Protection
  • 100% Repels Mosquitoes and Ticks
  • Kills pathogens and microbes in five minutes
  • Stops growth of odor bacteria

Product Range

  • Mosquito & Insect repellant gear
Protective Jackets

Explore an array of jackets that merge with the surroundings effortlessly and provide great comfort.

Product Range

  • Parka Jackets
  • Stealth Breathable and Waterproof Jackets
  • Security Jackets
  • Ultimate Noiseless and Waterproof Jacket
Multipurpose Rain Poncho

The multipurpose poncho protects against harsh rains and can be spread out to provide emergency shelter. These ponchos are easy to carry made of watertight material.

Key Features
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry

Product Range

  • Multipurpose Rain Poncho

Choose from a variety of premium quality bags available in capacities from 30l to 120l.

Product Range

  • Bergen 120l
  • Special Forces 100l
  • Air Jet 85l
  • Stamina 40l
  • Endurance 35l
  • Patrol 30l
  • Kit Monster 120l

The quality and the ergonomics of a shoe matter as our entire body rests on our feet while we cross rough landscapes made of swaps, rocks and ice. Keeping in mind this significance, Veritaz presents breathable and waterproof boots that provide great comfort and padding from the severity of nature.

Product Range

  • All Terrain Shoes
  • Combat and Tactical Shoes
Anti-Malaria Mosquito Net

The anti-malaria mosquito net comes treated with deltamethrin, a highly effective insecticide that kills mosquitoes carrying diseases like dengue and malaria and other deadly insects. The net is tested in various conditions and approved for use both in labs and fields.

Key Features
  • Pre-treated with Deltamethrin
  • Kills Dangerous Mosquitoes
  • Protection against Dengue and Malaria

Product Range

  • Anti Malaria Mosquito Net
  • Anti Malaria Mosquito Net 2
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