Explore solid protective gears that equip officers with robust armours during mayhem and uproars. From ABS male & female vests, to knife resistant forearm guard to shin & knee guards, find CE certified gears that protect against every attack.

Key Features
  • High-Tech
  • Strong & Rigid Protection
  • Lightweight
  • CE Certified

Product Range

  • Arm & Shoulder Gears
  • Upper Body Gears
  • Lower Body Gears
Helmets and Headgears

During uprisings when the forces need to stump violence, injuries to the head are common and fatal. These protective head gears and helmets are sturdy shields that protect the head while also enhancing the field of vision.

Key Features
  • Sturdy Gears, Strong protection
  • Light weight and Comfortable
  • Improved Upper & Peripheral Vision
  • Mesh Net Protection from Debris

Product Range

  • Helmet 1
  • Helmet 2
  • Helmet 3

These shields are designed to imitate the organic Armadillo armor that interlock to form a strong 360° protection from riot attacks. Easy to use, these guards are 200-250 times stronger than ordinary glass and enable officers to easily crack dense crowds.

Key Features
  • Armadillo Interlocking 360° Defense
  • Easy Penetration
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 200x-250x Stronger than Ordinary Glass

Product Range

  • Round Shield
  • Long Shield (C&R) Interlocking
  • Long Police Barrier Shield
  • Anti Riot Shield
  • Small Square Commander Shield

Unrivalled crowd control sticks, these batons have four to nine times the striking power and offers expertise in multiple scenarios like arm locking, crown control, breaking windows and fence climbing.

Key Features
  • Multi-functional
  • 4x-9x Power
  • 360° Swivel Belt Holder
  • Expandable Baton Available

Product Range

  • PR24 Side Handle Baton
  • Long baton
  • Expandable Baton

Available in three designs- Trilock, Hinged and Chain handcuffs, these modern cuffs are by far the strongest in the world.

Key Features
  • Strong Restraints
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Use

Product Range

  • Tri Lock Handcuff
  • Hinged Handcuff
  • Chain Handcuff

Full face adjustable masks, these respirators are useful for military and police operations, mining and other poisonous environments. Moulded out of high quality silicon, these masks suit every face structure and offer full range of vision without fogging up.

Key Features
  • Adjustable High Quality Silicon Masks
  • Full range of vision
  • Anti-fog & Scratch Resistant
  • Long Service Life

Product Range

  • Respirator
  • Respirator 2
Crowd Control Ammunition

When the riots get out of hand, these ammunitions help in putting the power back in the hands of protectors by effectively dispersing the chaos and breaking the opposing forces. These non lethal ammunitions are safe and available in multiple variants that disband various degrees of disorders.

Key Features
  • Non lethal and Safe
  • Highly Effective Dispersal Agents
  • Available in Five Variants

Product Range

  • Multi Effect Grenades
  • Double Purpose Grenades
  • Tear Gas Rounds
  • Blast Type Grenades
  • Launchable Screening & Signaling Ammunition

Pocket sized protective agents, these valuable tear gas aerosols come handy when a threat is close, at a distance of 1-4 m. The sprays are provided with a safety button to block any involuntary dispersal.

Key Features
  • Handy and pocket size
  • Safety Button Provided
  • Spray Distance of 1-4m

Product Range

  • Model 2A
  • Model 120A
  • Model 12A
  • Model 112A
  • Model 102A
Standard Fire Resistant Suit

It’s one thing to control violent crowds and it’s another to contain fires and at the same time disrupt the violence. Recognizing the need for first-class fire resistant suits, Veritaz brings a range of suits, all a class apart that accompany the officers to combat threatening fires and disorder.

Key Features
  • Velcro Fastened Suits
  • High Quality Fire Resistant Suits
  • Available in one piece and two piece

Product Range

  • One Piece Fire Resistant Suit
  • Two Piece Fire Resistant Suit
  • Training Suit
Headover and Gloves

At temperatures as high as 1400°C the body may or may not survive, but the super high tech CarbonX headovers and gloves are tough firewalls that prevent any damages caused to the face, head and hands due to the heat. These high protection head gloves do not burn, ignite, char or shrink at such burning temperatures.

Key Features
  • High Tech Protective Gears
  • Withstand Temperature upto 1400°C
  • Light weight and Comfortable Fabric
  • Maximum Breathability

Product Range

  • Carbon X Headover
  • Carbon X Gloves
Fire & Pressure Resistant Boots

Made of the hard core Nirtrile rubber, these leather eight inch boots outdo the detrimental effects of prolonged exposure to heat and oil and are unpierceable by great pressure. Equipped with an anti-rust toecase and mid-sole protection, the leather boots offer the ultimate protection and comfort during tough fire outbreaks and riots.

Key Features
  • Anti-Slip Nitrile Boots
  • Fire resistant and Comfortable
  • Withstands Melting Temperature of 300°C
  • Unaffected by Pressure of upto 15KN

Product Range

  • Fire Pressure Resistant Boot
  • Fire Pressure Resistant Boot 2
Belts and Accessories

When the going gets tough the tough gets going. Veritaz supplies a range of strapping belts that are fashioned out of high strength nylon or thick cow leather that are flame resistant. These belts survive time for long and provide the comfort while moderating violent crowds.

Key Features
  • Long Durability
  • Tough & Sturdy
  • Fire Resistant
  • Available in Four Variants

Product Range

  • Vario Belt System
  • Tactical Belt
  • Duty Belt Police & Prison Officer
  • 2 inch Leather Belt

A crisp and clear vision of the chaos is must during riots, which is why Veritaz brings crystal clear protective goggles and glasses. With 20% greater field of vision, these comfortable eye protectors are bent with thermoplastic elastomer that provides good stiffness and resistance to abrasions.

Key Features
  • Stiff & Comfortable Eye Wear
  • 20% Greater Field of Vision
  • Anti-Abrasive

Product Range

  • CQB Goggles
  • CQB Goggles Ballistic Eye Armour
  • Tactile Goggles
  • Tactile Glasses
Protective Bags

Spacious and waterproof, these bags are perfect for crowd control and other field operations. The bags are woven out of nylon that stitches in strength to hold heavy equipments and bullet proof vests.

Key Features
  • Nylon Water Proof Bags
  • High Strength
  • Spacious

Product Range

  • Police Bag
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Document Case
  • Hydration Backpack
Bullet Proof Solutions

Just like in the movie Matrix where Neo stops the bullets from whizzing past his body, these bullet proof solutions are highly effective shields and one of the best proofs in the world. The vests have 20% more MOLLE webbing that accommodates more accessories and come with ballistic arm guard and collar and a retractable groin protection.

Key Features
  • Best Bullet Proof Solutions
  • CE Certified
  • 20% More MOLLE Webbing
  • Optional Ballistic Arm Guard, Collar and Groin Guard

Product Range