Sirocco S

Perfect to illuminate areas upto 500m², the Sirocco S is a range of flexible balloon lights that comes with a handy bag to help carry the lights around when needed.

Key Features
  • Handy High-Tech Lights
  • Upto 500m²
  • Available in CFL, Halogen and HIT

Product Range

  • Sirocco S
Sirocco M

The Sirocco M lighting solutions are engineered to light up large indoor areas or outdoor areas of upto 4600m².

Key Features
  • High Visibility Indoors & Outdoors
  • Upto 4600m²
  • Available in Halogen & Metal Halide

Product Range

  • Sirocco M
Sirocco L

The Sirocco L range brings powerful lighting solutions where one balloon light can easily replace a queue of traditional lights. Sirocco L covers an area of upto 9300m².

Key Features
  • Ultra Powerful Illumination
  • Upto 9300m²
  • Available in Metal Halide

Product Range

  • Sirocco L
Sirocco 2M
Key Features
  • 1500m² to 5000m²
  • Movable High Visibility Lights
  • Available in Halogen, HIT and Metal Halide

Product Range

  • Sirocco 2M
Suitcase Range

Handy for field operations, the suitcase range brings powerful lighting solutions attached to portable suitcases that make for quick and easy installations. These suitcase lighting solutions can be conveniently carried by field officers.

Key Features
  • Suitcase Powered Lighting Solutions
  • Easy Installation
  • Conveniently Portable

Product Range

  • Suitcase