Our Products

Technical Textiles & Protective Gear

Technical textiles woven with trust

Shield the army and paramilitary against the brutality of the cold and temperatures as freezing as -50oC with high performing textiles.

Protective Gear & Crowd Control

We protect those who protect us

Discover a wide range of matchless protective equipment for officers that battle every attack with skill & expertise.

Protective Gear Jungle

Master of disguise

A range of camouflage suits & accessories as unbeatable as the invisibility cloak that protects against cross border enemies, extreme weather and animals.



Ingeniously woven to save lives. Only QuikClot® hemostatic devices contain kaolin, proven to accelerate natural clotting and stop bleeding fast.

Emergency Relief & Rescue

We pledge to protect the brave and weak.

Empower the world with quick and smart rescue solutions with world-class tools that assist in all rescue operations.


Flood breaking Technology

Auto inflatable flood sacks that divert floods and restrict seepage, serving both the military and civilians.

Tiger Turf-Sports & Outdoor Solutions

Always play with passion

TigerTurf Outdoor Solutions believes in green dreams and provides the world with beautiful turfs that replicate natural grass.


Hi-Tech textiles for a new India

Put India’s workers in top-tier Workwear and Safetywearengineered with leading technical textiles that assist in civil engineering, development and rescue operations.


For a bomb- proof world.

The lightest sandbags that inflate on contact with water. Wall them up to keep cities and battlegrounds safe from bombs.

Emergency Lighting Solution

Innovations that illuminates lives

High-visibility solutions that light up the paths for those working tirelessly day and night in rescue operations, military operations, evacuations, construction and mining.

About Veritaz

Built on the rock-solid foundation of Truth and Trust, Veritaz Trading & Exim(P)Ltd. has become a pivotal player in the import & export of textiles, technical textiles, work wear and all defence related equipment and gear. The company also has a variety of specialised civilian offerings that range from sports to medical innovation.

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